ParadeWorld is a marketplace with a difference

We created ParadeWorld to show the best of skateboarding and to support the best skate shops and brands across the scene. With one convenient shopping basket and shipping experience, you can confidently shop a great selection of product knowing you are buying from the most legit skate shops and brands. 

As you explore our community of sellers, you will find familiar names alongside a new generation of shop owners and brands who are bringing unique ideas and creativity to skateboarding. 

A destination to broadcast local events

Whether you're meeting at the skate shop to go skate, buying a deck or just watching the latest premier, the stores are the very essence of what it’s about. We love this too and as our community grows, be sure to visit ParadeWorld as we showcase the amazing stories and events from the ParadeWorld community. 

The anti-marketplace

We are proud to present our community of sellers and we work tirelessly to bring you the very best customer experience and service. The ParadeWorld customer service team is front and centre (we don't bury our contact information in the dark matter of the website) and are focused on providing you with impeccable service, regardless of whether you are shopping an established store or a young brand operated from a bedroom. 

And finally

Thank you to our seller community. The ParadeWorld mission is to serve, provide meaningful value and to tell your story. Your participation means a lot. 

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